The Shirt Sample Pack

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You can now test out all the transfers I currently use before you place an order with any of these companies. This pack was made to help take the risk out of spending money on transfers you have no idea how they feel or how they press or how they hold up in the wash. Use these transfer samples to dial in your settings so you don't have to waste your own transfers.

This pack includes the following:

T Shirt with the Get That Money logo on the front.

Single Color Plastisol Transfer Samples

(used for chest and back prints)

Multi Spot Color Plastisol Transfer Samples

(used for 2-3 spot color chest and back prints)

Single Color (Opaque) Plastisol Transfer Samples

(used for opaque prints and neck labels)

Full Multi Color Transfer Samples

(used for full color designs)

Heat Transfer Vinyl Samples

(low temp quick press htv)

Die Cut Stickers

(Die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers)

Light Weight Mask

(poly/spandex mask. good for pressing htv on)

This pack includes direct links to order everything offered in this sample pack. Every company i use, what ink formula I use and Settings i use to apply them vs The settings the manufacturer recommends. If you were looking for a company to run your stickers for you but wanted to see the quality of work before ordering, i got you. If you were looking for a mask to press htv on and resell, I got you. If you were curious about what a certain transfer you seen in my videos feels like, I got you. If you ever wondered how easy it is to press a plastisol transfer but didn't want to risk wasting your money on crap, I got you.

**Does this Sample Pack replace "The List"? No. Are these transfers mentioned in The List? No. Why not? Because all transfer companies constantly evolve and offer new products. Some of these companies are mentioned in The List but the ink formulas in the sample pack are new and are currently what my customers request today. Does this mean all the info in The List is useless? No. The info in The List is still valuable. I'm just sharing what my customers personally like at the moment. I still stand behind all the info in The List and as I take on new customers I will still offer the same prints in The List as well as these new ink formulas in The Sample Pack. These new samples will help add value to you and your businesses by being able to offer something new and of high quality.

I do not own any of these transfer companies. Prices and ink formulas can change at any moment. These are the transfers I currently use as of 09-11-2020. Thank You